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Ultra Bleu follows 20something + lost, Jimmy Park, for the first 24-hours after a violent break up with his now ex-boyfriend and how a chance meeting with a stranger reveals deeper issues he must confront while living in Seoul.

Ultra Bleu (2017)

Director: Nick Neon
Writers: Nick Neon
Genre: Short movie
Country:  USA
Language: English
Duration: 20 min
Year: 2017

Stars: Nick Neon, Kuciia Diamant, Tami KimNaquan Earp, Heezy Yang

DP: Daniel Smukalla
Editor: Nick Neon
Colorist: Elias Nousioupoulos
Music Composer: Nikolas Thompson
Sound Engineer: Jouni Elo
AD: Kelly Han Mineou
Foley: Stephanie Andares

Recipient of two Audience Choice Awards and an honorable mention for Best Short Film, Ultra Bleu has screened at the following festivals:

Sene Fest
Toronto Inside Out
Reeling Chicago
Pink Lobster
Mica International

Shot on location using the Sony A7R II.
Edited in Adobe Premiere



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