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M15F1T5 (2013)

96 min|Crime, Music, Mystery|03 Jun 2013
7.5Rating: 7.5 / 10 from 18 usersMetascore: N/A
This is an experimental Narrative movie. Although not a religious story, we (the writers) referred to a haunting question from our Christian upbringing; “what if Jesus came today”. So we …

The Tribe of Misfits is a 90 minute fun filled hit movie starring Scott Higgins.
In 2012, Casey, a gay teen started a group devoted to the environment and changing the world. In this small Texas town, the haters came out strong against the group accusing them of being a dangerous cult. Casey has a wonderful gift that he sees as a curse. He and his friends flee the small town, leaving the police with video tape clues, blood stained walls, and the testimony of a mentally unstable neighbor to solve the mysterious disappearance of all twelve members of the teen cult called The Tribe.
This movie became an international cult hit. After a limited theatrical release in the US, The Tribe of Misfits won numerous awards on the festival circuit.
We love the unclothed human body and are not ashamed to show it on film. Our distributors made us do some cuts, however. Want to see the un-censored version? Check out the very popular directors cut here on Vimeo.
FROM THE DIRECTOR-We (the writers) started with a premise that haunted me from my religious upbringing when a preacher suggested the idea: ” what if Jesus came today?” As non religious grown-ups, we put much thought into the idea of a young miracle worker living among us. How would it be seen today? How would it be documented for future generations to follow and worship this man? In our version, the Messiah is Gay.

The Tribe of Misfits (2013)



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