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Sobre Nós (2017)

Director: Mauro Carvalho
Writers: Mauro Carvalho
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country:  Brasil
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 75 min
Year: 2017

Stars: Rodrigo Bittes, Thiago Cazado


Diego has to leave his hometown in Brazil to attend a film school in California for 4 years. He also has to leave behind everything he has ever loved including Matheus, a handsome young man with whom he felt madly in love and shared passionate moments. Ten years later, back in Brazil he decides to write a novel about their relationship using his camera instead of his pen. This heartful biopic shows how passion can increase our motivation in life but how making choices can be cruel for passion.

Sobre Nós (2017)

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Two young students experience their first love.



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