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The series follows the lives of five gay men living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brian, Justin, Michael, Emmett, and Ted; a lesbian couple, Lindsay and Melanie; and Michael’s mother Debbie and his uncle Vic.

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Queer as Folk (2005)
  • Runtime:47 minutes
  • Actors:
    Melanie Marcus (83 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Michelle Clunie
    Lindsay Peterson (83 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Thea Gill
    Brian Kinney (83 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Gale Harold
    Justin Taylor (83 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Randy Harrison
    Ted Schmidt (83 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Scott Lowell
    Emmett Honeycutt (83 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Peter Paige
    Michael Novotny (83 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Hal Sparks
    Debbie Novotny (79 episodes, 2000-2005)
    Sharon Gless
    Professor Ben Bruckner (55 episodes, 2002-2005)
    Robert Gant
    Vic Grassi (48 episodes, 2000-2004)
    Jack Wetherall
  • Plot: Based on the British series of the same name, Showtime's 'Queer as Folk' presents the American version. Following the lives of five gay men in Pittsburgh, 'Queer as Folk' is a riveting drama full of sex, drugs, adventure, friendship and love. Although the creators of 'Queer as Folk' wanted to present an honest depiction of gay life, it is by no means a comprehensive depiction. In addition to the usual sexual escapades and relationships of the five friends, the show explores critical gay political and health issues. Written by Anna <>
  • Also known as: “Queer as Folk” (Argentina), “Queer as Folk” (France), “Queer as Folk” (Germany), “Queer as Folk” (Japan – English title), “Queer as Folk” (Poland), “Близкие друзья” (Russia), “Älä kerro äidille 2” (Finland), “A fiúk a klubból” (Hungary), “Kuia azu fôku” (Japan), “Os Assumidos” (Brazil – cable TV title), “Q.A.F.” (USA – informal alternative title), “Queer as Folk USA” (UK),
  • Rating: (9,774 votes)


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