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My Brother (2015)
Original title: Mi Hermano

23 min|Animation, Short, Drama|01 Nov 2015
Rating: Metascore: N/A
My brother tells the story of Alberto, a young Spanish gay man who lives a life very different from the one he had in his Spanish town with his conservative family. But after a call he must return there to face the tragedy and his own lies that he built to get away from his family.

Audience Award Best Short Film 7 Poland LGBT Film Festival
Audience Award Best Short Film 12th LesBiGayTrans Film Festival Paraguay
Jury Award Best Short Film III Canbegay Int’l Film Festival Canary Islands
Students Award 8 Film Sozialak Film Festival, Bilbao
Best Short Film XIV El Lugar Sin Límites, Ecuador
International Premiere:
20 LesGaiCineMad, Festival Internacional de cine LGBT de Madrid Espana, Noviembre 2015
Oficial Selections:
6o Festival Internacional OutFest Santo Domingo Rep. Dominicana, Diciembre 2015
XVI Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia, Espana, Diciembre 2015 TallyShorts Film Festival Florida, USA, Febrero 2016
13 Festival Internacional ZineGoak Bilbao, Espana, Febrero 2016 VII Certamen de cine de ambiente La Pecca Sevilla, Espana, Febrero 2016 III Canbegay Festival LGBTIQ Islas Canarias Tenerife, Spain, March 2016
14o Muestra Internacional de Cine LGBT CinHomo Valladolid, Spain, April 2016
XI FestImage Calella, Spain, April 2016 7 LGBT Film Festival Warsaw, Poland, April 2016
VII Festival Internacional Piélagos en corto Cantabria, Spain, May 2016
XXI FESCILA Festival de Cine de La Almunia Aragón, Spain, May 2016
16 Festival Internacional de Cortos Cine a la Calle Barranquilla, Colombia, May 2016
XI Zinentiendo Festival Internacional LGTBIQ Zaragoza, Spain, May 2016
Interrobang Film Festival,Des Moines, USA, June 2016
Tlanchana Film Festival, Mepetec, México, June 2016
North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA, August 2016
6o RiuRau Film Festival, Xavia, Spain, September 2016
Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiete Cineseptiembre, Mazatlán, México, September 2016
8o Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible “Film Sozialak” Bilbao, Spain, October 2016
Tels-Quels Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, October 2016
SFG International Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, November 2016
XVI Festival Fancinegay de Extremadura Badajoz, Spain, November 2016
LGBT Fest Stonewall Columbus 2016, Columbus, Ohio, USA, November 2016
XVIII Certamen Internacional de Cortos Soria, Soria, Espana, Noviembre 2016
14 Festival El Lugar Sin Limites, Quito, Ecuador, Noviembre 2016
XXIX Image+Nation Film Festival Montreal, Canadá, November 2016
I Queer Kampala International Film Festival, Kampala, Uganda, Diciembre 2016

Alberto is a young Spanish illustrator who’s enjoying a fresh start away from his oppressive family, with his boyfriend in Berlin. However, one day he receives a phone call which forces him to return to his asphyxiating Spanish hometown and finally face his past.

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