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  • I’m amazed at the number of these films I’ve already seen. I’m talking about the 18 trailers contained on this page. I haven’t disliked a single one. I found “The Toilers and the Wayfarers” to be a very strange film, very disjointed, as though the film was cut up and reassembled in the wrong order. There were so many pieces that didn’t fit. At first it seemed to follow the parable about a fool and his money being soon parted. I couldn’t imagine what (was it) Udo did to permit the police to impound his car with his clothing and money in it, and to confiscate the house his aunt left him, as well. He went from having something, to having nothing at all, like overnight. Then his friend S(?) something, or D(?)… something (Dieter, perhaps?) broke into the police impound lot and got the clothing and money out of the trunk of the car. How does that happen? Impound lots are supposed to keep impound property from being liberated like that. At the end it got even stranger. Dieter went back to check on Phillip, found him sick. took off all his clothing, and Phillip’s outer clothing, got into bed with him, but didn’t share the body warmth or crawl under the quilt with him, but incomprehensibly stood up and walked to the window stark naked, apparently so we could see him nude. I don’t mind looking at naked men… at all, but what was the purpose of this nudity? Udo found an older man named Carl, who came from nowhere, who said he could stay with him for a few days, and Dieter found the older fellow (the backgammon player) in the train station, who may or may not have been willing to help him out. Phillip’s connection to the other characters ended when Dieter left. If someone can tell me what all this means, I’d very much appreciate it. Udo’s family was glad to send him to his aunt’s in America because he was gay (their opinion), but Udo never did another thing in the film that I could identify as the least bit gay. That’s the only film (of the ones I saw) that was so screwed up that I couldn’t figure out what was going on… RobtheElder


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