Gay Themed Movies » 2011 » Gay Pirates

Original Title: Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis

Director: Cosmo Jarvis
Country: UK
Year: 2011
Genre: Videoclip
Runtime: 4 min.
Language: English
Cast: Dave Egan, Cosmo Jarvis, Thomas Hannaford, Steve Jenner, Hugh Thompson, Aedan Jenner, Roan Jenner, Steve Johnson, Elliot Cook, Charlie Hannaford.


‘Gay Pirates’ is the first single from the new Cosmo Jarvis album ‘Is the World

Strange or am I Strange?’ ‘Gay Pirates’ tells the story of two male lovers facing extreme discrimination in the inhospitable and far from accepting social climate of the pirate heyday. The single is about the triumph of love against all odds and obstacles; very graphic in lyrical detail, it creates a shocking image of a time buried in history.




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