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Followers (2015)

Director: Tim Marshall
Writers: Tim Marshall
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Short, Short Movie
Country:  Australia
Language: English
Duration: 12 min
Year: 2015

Stars: Julie Barclay, Brian Jones, Valmai Jones

A gay short film will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival 2015.
Followers is produced by the Iris Prize, the Cardiff-based LGBTI film award.
Written, directed and edited by Tim Marshall, it will be screened from 22 January to 1 February.
It is a dark comedy drama about faith and loneliness with a cast including Valmai Jones and Mark Oliver.
‘This recognition by the Sundance Film Festival is yet more confirmation that Tim Marshall is a huge talent. This is also wonderful news for the Iris Prize and further highlights our work in supporting LGBT film talent.’ said Andrew Pierce, Iris Prize chair.
‘I was raised in a Catholic household, and whilst I myself no longer identify as religious, religious faith and belief have been a big part of my life. I have been witness to unwavering faith carrying people through very difficult times and have seen how faith can transform people, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse,’ said Tim Marshall, writer, director and editor.
‘With Followers, I wanted to explore this need for faith that is so inherent in humanity, and the idea of a God that is watching over us and the solace that can provide for people.
‘I also wanted to delve into what it means to be a follower, and the difference between following an external faith/idea versus following your own ideals.’
Gay Star News is a media partner of The Iris Prize.


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Followers (2015)
  • Director: Tim Marshall
  • Writers:
    Tim Marshall
  • Genres:Short, Comedy, Drama
  • Runtime:12 minutes
  • Actors:
    Woman in Video
    Julie Barclay
    Swimming Coach
    Brian Jones
    Valmai Jones
    Mark Oliver
    Olwen Rees
    Daniel Rochford
  • Plot:

    When an elderly woman sees a vision of Jesus on the shorts of a young African man at her swimming class, she befriends him, believing he's been sent by God to free her from loneliness. 'Followers' is a dark comedy drama about faith and loneliness. The short film explores how the two intertwine and is based on Tim Marshall's feature screenplay of the same name.

  • Also known as: Nasledovnici (Czech Republic),




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