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Down the River (2004)

Director: Anucha Boonyawatana
Writers: Anucha Boonyawatana
Genre: Drama
Country:  Thailand
Language: Thai
Duration: 51 min
Year: 2014

Stars: Prakasit Horwannapakorn, Chomkwan Jirathiwat, Apiradee Thaweesap

From Thailand, this is a film made up of beautiful cinematography and a tender plot. The film was originally made as a college graduate film and was shot in the countryside, forests and temples of Thailand and these are sights that are rarely seen on film. So lovely is the film that it is really a poem that has been transcribed to the medium of cinema.

Openly gay Krit’s best friend Vin is in the process of questioning just who he is. The two young men grew up together and are extremely close and it does not bother Vin that Krit is gay. Their friendship and love for one another, however, is put to test as they have matured and are preparing to go off to college and each will go his separate way. There is a problem in that Krit has fallen in love with Vin and has been keeping a collection of pressed flowers souvenirs from the times they spent together and the moments they shared. The two eventually explore their feelings for each other in an intimate way. The passion that they share will determine what the future of the two will be.

This is a story that many of us have experienced yet it is rare that we have had a chance to explore the intimacy with a friend as Vin and Krit do.
~ Amos Lassen (Little Rock, AK, United States)

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Down the River (2004)
  • Director: Anucha Boonyawatana
  • Writers:
    Anucha Boonyawatana
  • Country:Thailand
  • Genre:Drama
  • Runtime:52 minutes
  • Actors:
    Prakasit Horwannapakorn
    Chomkwan Jirathiwat
    Apiradee Thaweesap
    Napong Viriyasomboon
  • Language:Thai
  • Plot:

    Gay schoolboy Krit is in love with his straight classmate Vin They hang out together, go to temples and one day hike into the forest with two girl friends to see the spectacular Pachang Waterfall. And that's the whole plot of this short, elegiac film where time flows like the waters of the river the boys follow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes swirling back. Against the idyllic setting of undisturbed forest and crumbling temples, Krit woos his would-be lover and prays to the Buddha to help him. Vin, however, is afraid of being seen as gay yet is unwilling to reject his friend.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Rating: (17 votes)




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