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A young man mistakes his salt&pepper older neighbor for a handyman, which begins a gay romance story for the modern age.
DADDYHUNT: The Serial | All Episodes DADDYHUNT: The Serial | All Episodes

Are you a Daddy or do you have Daddy-issues? The gay dating app, Daddyhunt has a web series that includes seven one and a half minute episodes combined into one video. The video follows a budding romance between two neighbors that starts after a case of mistaken identity.
Starring Jim Newman, BJ Gruber, David M. Farrington, Michael Snipe Jr & Alan Kelly and Soundtrack by Shirley House.
Written and Produced by Ra-ey Saleh & Carl Sandler.
Edited and Directed by Ra-ey Saleh.

DADDYHUNT: THE SERIAL is our first crack at original content, where we prove that the search for the perfect Daddy is anything but straight-forward. Exclusive BEHIND THE SCENES at Credits online at DADDYHUNT App is available on iTunes (iOS): Google Play (Android): And Online:




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