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BOYS LIKE US (2017) – a work in progress

Featuring Sam von Wentz and Ryan Walker Page, Boys Like Us, considers the vulnerability, isolation and desire for connection felt by adolescent guys coming into their identity as gay men.

A highly-collaborative process with the dancers–employing the rich authenticity of improvisation, a triangulation of our shared and disparate experiences, abstracted in time and space–this work (in progress) offers a glimmer into what it is like to be Boys Like Us.

Choreography: Brandon Whited, in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Ryan Walker Page
Sam von Wentz

Music: “Nocturne No.1,” by Elisabeth Leonskaja
“I Want to Know What Love Is,” by Foreigner

*I do not own the rights to this music. Used in consideration of Fair Use for Educational
Research. Any development into produced work would include proper licensing.

Videography: Austin Elliott
Christene Seda

Film Editing: Brandon Whited

A Production of B SCOTT DANCE ( )



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